Muddy Puddles

Puddlestomper Wellies, Grenadine Moon

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At Muddy Puddles, we know how important it is to keep your little adventurer’s feet warm and dry in rainy weather, and that’s why we’ve invented the PuddleStomper kids’ wellies. The perfect choice for all young adventurers who want to stay active even on the rainiest and wettest days, these fun and colourful children’s wellington boots are designed with durability and robustness firmly in mind. Built to last from super strong premium quality rubber, these extra-long welly boots will guard effectively against any leaks or splashes that could soak your child’s socks and make them uncomfortable for the rest of the day. While some wellies may be wonderfully waterproof, they aren’t always comfortable to wear, that’s where PuddleStompers are different. They feature an added padded cotton insole for extra comfort and softness, so your young explorer can set off on long walks with the family without suffering from painful toes. Slipping and sliding can also be a worry when wearing wellies on wet and muddy surfaces, but these well-designed and rugged boots feature an extra-grippy, cleated sole so there’ll be no accidental slips. Also ensuring your little one’s safety, these boots feature a reflective strip to the back, so their visibility is greatly improved when they’re walking or playing in dim light or gloomy weather. Thanks to their bright and colourful red shade with its distinctive and fun moon print, it’s also never been easier to spot your child in a crowd. They’re sure to delight your own little puddle stomper too, who will love splashing in the puddles with these wellies on their feet.


  • High quality, durable rubber
  • • Extra tall for better waterproof protection
  • • Soft cotton lining
  • • Soft padded insoles for extra comfort
  • • Reflective strip for high visibility
  • • Cleated, grippy soles to help prevent slipping

      ABOUT Muddy Puddles

      Muddy Puddles started life on a farm in Devon when a mum lay her smallest child down on the kitchen table, drew round him and made the first waterproof all-in-one suit. The first splashsuit went down a storm and started to be sold at local country fairs and then it grew and grew.

      A British brand, they like to consider themselves to be rain experts! Built on the proposition ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong kit’, Muddy Puddles is committed to making waterproofs that work. 

      Muddy Puddles wants their outerwear to inspire children to leap in to life. Their believe in the importance of growing up to be confident and independent, which comes from the freedom to take risks, learn your limits and use your imagination.  Muddy Puddles is on a mission to make childhood magic in the great outdoors.

      Muddy Puddles is a brand with a conscience. Each piece is designed to last and be passed from sisters to brothers. Theyr are committed to developing eco-friendly collections made from recycled fabrics and sustainable sourcing and production.