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     Founded in 2021, the Linnea Company is based in Midcoast Maine.  As for the name- The Linnea flower, also known as the twin flower, grows in Sweden. The Linnea Company is a nod to the founders Swedish heritage and the twin-like nature of the dolls. Their hope is kids gifted with a Linnea doll see themselves (or one of their friends!) reflected in their new doll.  Every doll is handcrafted with love, which means they are sewn + embroidered, stitch by stitch. Their dolls are made with high quality cottons, linens, and premium fabrics, making our dolls soft + huggable. 

    The Linnea Company is on a mission to share joy. Everyone deserves to feel represented. Diversity, inclusion, and giving back are at the heart of our company.   Diverse + inclusive toys are hard to come by in the toy aisle. Every kid deserves to not only see themselves represented, but to also play with a doll that better represents our communities. Linnea Company prides themselves in hand-making dolls that come in a variety of colors and customization options. Kids not only can play with a doll that looks like themselves, but that also look like their friends.


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