Micro Kickboard

Scooter Strap

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The Micro carry strap makes it even easier to pack up your wheels and go. Fold your scooter and attach one hook to the front wheel latch (standard on most 2-wheeled Micro scooters*) and the other to the latch on the handlebar grips holder. Sling the strap over your shoulder, and head out! Riders love using their scooter strap for all kinds of commutes including bringing Sprites to school, Micro Whites along to the office, and Flex series up the stairs to city apartments.

It’s one of our most-loved accessories for 2-wheeled scooters because it makes your commute just that much more convenient. No need to disconnect your scooter strap while riding! Simply adjust the length so as to not get caught in the wheel, and leave it clipped on. All you’ll have to do is fold your scooter when you’re ready to carry again.

*Compatible with Sprite, Speed +, Rocket, Micro White, Micro Black, Micro Black Deluxe and Flex Series.

  • The hands-free way to carry your scooter
  • Perfect for commutes to school or the office
  • An easy way to pack up your scooter and go


      ABOUT Micro Kickboard

      Micro Kickboard is the U.S. partner for Swiss company Micro, maker of the world's best-rated scooters and kickboards and a range of personal transport products,all designed to help you enjoy a better urban lifestyle. 

      Micro first became a leader in the personal transport revolution in 1999 when it introduced a foldable, lightweight scooter that was strong enough for an adult to ride. The Micro scooter had PU wheels, which made it fast and smooth-gliding and a folding mechanism that made it easy to carry inside at the rider's destination. 

      Micro is now a recognized brand around the world with numerous awards for design and innovation. Many celebrities have purchased Micro for themselves and their children, appearing frequently in the celebrity press. Among them are.: Hugh Jackman, Stella McCartney, Roger Federer, Prince George, Will and Jaden Smith, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Amy Poehler, and many more.