Linnea Company

Handmade Doll

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Size- Approximately 14” tall

Each doll body is made with 100% cotton fabric, and is lined for durability

Each doll is made with pink underwear 

Each outfit is hand made from luxury fabrics, linens, and 100% cotton

Filled with Premium Polyester Fiber Fill

Recommended for ages 3 and up. Your doll is recommended as an heirloom doll, and delicate play with adult supervision due to inclusion of small parts is advised. These dolls make for lovely nursery decor for little ones before they are old enough to play with the doll safely. 

 Founded in 2021, the Linnea Company is based in Midcoast Maine.  As for the name- The Linnea flower, also known as the twin flower, grows in Sweden. The Linnea Company is a nod to the founders Swedish heritage and the twin-like nature of the dolls. Their hope is kids gifted with a Linnea doll see themselves (or one of their friends!) reflected in their new doll.  Every doll is handcrafted with love, which means they are sewn + embroidered, stitch by stitch. Their dolls are made with high quality cottons, linens, and premium fabrics, making our dolls soft + huggable. 

The Linnea Company is on a mission to share joy. Everyone deserves to feel represented. Diversity, inclusion, and giving back are at the heart of our company.   Diverse + inclusive toys are hard to come by in the toy aisle. Every kid deserves to not only see themselves represented, but to also play with a doll that better represents our communities. Linnea Company prides themselves in hand-making dolls that come in a variety of colors and customization options. Kids not only can play with a doll that looks like themselves, but that also look like their friends.