• Yell-Oh Choose Happy Long Sleeve Tee, Petrol

Choose Happy Long Sleeve Tee, Petrol

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YELL-OH! is an act of childhood wonder in a world that is worth of surprise and admiration. Driven by children’s inherent ability for vivid imagination, wandering and self-expression, Yell-oh! has a voice, not always loud but powerful and warm.
A genuine blend of positivity and enthusiasm, it shouts out the creative worlds, the inner strength and the colorful free-thinking.

Combining a touch of unconventional sparky attitude with a dose of functionality and fun.
YELL-OH! is here to empower kids on their life adventures everywhere and every day.
Our love, passion and desire is to reinterpret the youth classics with the elegant and comfortable sense that our styles and fabrics always deliver.
Let’s YELL-OH! every time we open our wardrobe!
Let’s YELL-OH! cause that’s what childhood is all about!