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    Remember opening your present and seeing your doll for the first time?  Corolle dolls will give a child in your life this memory! Their pretty faces and delicate vanilla scent are unmistakable—these dolls are deliciously beautiful and well-dressed.

    Every year since 1979, the good fairies at Corolle have called on a wealth of imagination to create dolls, clothing and accessories that fit each child’s age and stage. This play helps them learn about the world around them, imitate what they see, explore their dreams, and let their imaginations run free.

    Their story begins in Langeais, in the heart of France’s Loire Valley. Each year,  passionate designers bring a sparkle to the eyes of little ones and grown-ups with their modern collections. The story continues in Asia where the dolls, clothing and accessories are made according to European and American standards.

    26 products
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